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Our Story

Motivate children and adolescents to tell the stories and legends of their people, tell their customs and traditions, record the memories of their ancestors under the instruction of expert professional filmmakers, who teach each stage of the production process, from the conception of the idea to the premiere of his film within the framework of the Todos Santos Film Festival.

Frida Dimension:
Former Student

Frida is currently realizing her dream to study cinema in France. Frida, studied visual art and photography, and from age 14, participated in many of the Escuela de Cine’s workshops and video productions. After completing High School, she received local sponsorship to attend courses at the prestigious Cinematographic Training Center (CCC) in Mexico City. She also worked professionally in Mexico City on various commercial productions. She was the main cinematographer on the Leonardo Perel Cinema School’s winning short film, The Little Prince. Her continued success in Cinema is due to the mentoring she received through the Leonardo Perel Cinema School.

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